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A delicious little cookie baked from scratch

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What is a macaron

A small round cookie made from almond flour that is sandwiched around a delicious filling. Fillings vary from fruit jams to curds to ganaches to buttercreams. There are an endless variety of delicious color and flavor combinations. 

Are macarons gluten free? Yes! But we are not a gluten free our macarons have most likely come into contact with some gluten. They make a great treat for those who are choosing to eat wheat free though!

Check out our chart of flavors!

SPRING, SUMMER, & FALL  - Available Daily

We have 8 flavors of macarons available daily at the shop. We rotate through our many favorite flavors and are adding more all the time. 
Looking for a large order? Contact us in advance to choose your flavors and colors. Email at

WINTER - Available daily in After Hours

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